Privacy policy

  • stores and processes data related to it's users. It does not process or store data for visitors of our service that does not log in and do not set language settings.
  • User's profile and settings can be seen and edited in the "UCP". All data that is not strictly needed for providing the service can be removed by the user. Technically required data include the username and e-mail address. This data can be changed by the operators on request.
  • The UCP profile editor includes information on which entered information can be seen by who. The user's E-Mail address is always visible to all registered users.
  • Data the user publishes such as uploaded artwork, postings, and comments can be seen at the corresponding location. Such data can not be deleted for reasons's mission to archive the culture's publications. Therefore accounts can not be deleted but will be anonymised while keeping in line with that mission.
  • The user accepts to transfer data to third parties for event registrations or by using the authentication services. No data is transferred if those parts of the this service are not used.
  • utilizes HTTP cookies to identify the current session, and language settings.



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